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About Us

About Us

‘Reddy & Reddy Matrimony’ is a brainchild of Mr. Sanjeeva Reddy Bukka and was started in June 2019 with the support and guidance of Dr. K V Reddy Garu and Reddy Business Network (RBN).

Mr. Sanjeeva Reddy is an MBA graduate from Osmania University (campus college) and was in professional assignments for about 12 years before he envisioned a Matrimony service exclusively for the Reddy community in South India and abroad for NRIs.

His stint of 7 years at India Bulls and 4.5 years in the banking industry helped him to understand the needs of elite customers and further his association with RBN nailed his focus on the matrimony services exclusively for Reddy community with the migration or movement of the community with globalization in India and abroad.

The ethos of the organization was well chartered by Sanjeeva Reddy. It will be a personalized service in sharing the info understanding the preferences of the Bride and Groom and their families. In this process, Reddy and Reddy Matrimony poses a high priority for the privacy of its clients and focuses more on sharing only the verified info. The role of Reddy & Reddy Matrimony ends with sharing and connecting the best possible matches. It is the parties responsibility to take forward the rest of the discussions and move forward as they agree mutually.

Within the short period, since its inception, Reddy & Reddy Matrimony could register about 2,000 plus profiles and is proud to play a role in connecting the right matches for 100 people.

Through his network and his association with RBN, Sanjeeva Reddy and his team can reach out to multiple geographies globally in mapping the right matches.